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Holding Hands

Areas of Expertise

LGBTQIA+ Therapy & Counseling

At Michigan Safe Space we are Social Justice minded and focused on client empowerment, helping build skills and resilience through non-judgmental, compassionate, accepting, informed, and warm therapeutic approaches. We are focused on acceptance and affirmation of client stories and experiences. We celebrate Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging. 


We strive to be mindful of your unique experiences and do not make assumptions based on your affiliation with any group. We take an intersectional approach with all clients and use a non-pathological framework to view the client experience and are mindful of the historical context of queer identities in the counseling space.

Our Approach

In partnership with clients, we develop and use existing interventions and make cultural adaptations to meet the client’s unique needs when necessary. We always use a collaborative approach; and believe clients should be involved in choosing their treatment in every step, and encourage clients to be fully engaged in what they are feeling in terms of the process or interventions. All therapists work from a trauma-informed and trauma-focused perspective. We work to meet you where you are and honor your story and experience.

Who We Are

At Michigan Safe Space, we strive to make quality, evidence-based, trauma-informed mental health services available to all members of our community. Supporting diversity and inclusivity are core values. As part of this mission, our therapists are committed to the principles of gay and LGBTQ affirmative therapy and we strive to empower those who are marginalized and oppressed. As part of our commitment to LGBTQ affirmative therapy in our clinical work, we focus on issues of stigma and shame, which are issues particularly notable to those in the LGBTQ community who are often marginalized by the prejudice and heterosexism that is pervasive in society. We are committed to helping all those we work with live lives of meaning, integrity, belonging, and dignity.

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